Wholesale PU Raincoat

Wholesale Rain Coats

Are you still looking for a supplier of bulk wholesale PU rain jackets?

3S is a leading China clothing manufacturers that can provide customers around the world with custom OEM services beyond imagination, including but not limited to: men's/women's, adult/Kids, color, size, fit and other details!

3S relies on well-trained, experienced staff and strict quality control standards, wholesale rain jackets is committed to providing quality services and almost perfect products at a reasonable price level and punctual delivery.

Therefore, we are praised by our partners as one of the reliable PU Rain Jackets manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers.

Taking into account the choices and needs of customers.

The PU rain jackets we produce are completely comfortable and fashionable. As a wholesale PU raincoat supplier. We can provide elegant designs and attractive colors. From women to men, from children to adults.

About your bulk wholesale Rain Coats.

Rain jackets are all 100% polyurethane with PU surface layer, and are manufactured in accordance with international standards, and have obtained OEKO-TEX 100 standard certification.

Provide PU Rain Coats OEM and ODM services.

Tailor-made wholesale PU rain jackets, and provide customers with OEM and ODM services. These PU rain jackets not only provide the wearer with high comfort and style value, but also give people the stimulation of hula hoop.

Therefore, no matter who your customer is, where you are, no matter what rain jackets are wholesaled, we can bring you the greatest convenience.

Why choose to wholesale our PU raincoats?

We are not just wholesale rain jackets; we aim to establish a lasting relationship with you.

We have a wide variety of rain jackets, including "something for everyone".

From quality to style to price, we will pay close attention to each department.

We provide simple and flexible customization options.

We provide services to customers all over the world.

Wholesale PU Raincoat

Rain Coats Advantages

Waterproof: The main advantage of a raincoat is that it keeps the wearer dry in wet weather.

Lightweight and Portable: Most raincoats are made of lightweight materials that can be easily folded or carried, making them ideal for traveling or commuting.

Durability: Raincoats are often made of durable materials that can withstand the elements and last for several seasons.

Breathable: Many raincoats are designed to be breathable, allowing the wearer to stay comfortable even when the weather is warm.

Versatile: Raincoats come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, making them suitable for different weather conditions, activities, and personal preferences.

Affordable: Compared to other forms of rain protection, such as umbrellas and rubber boots, raincoats are relatively affordable.


Raincoats are used for a variety of outdoor activities, including:

Commuting: Raincoats are ideal for protecting commuters from the rain on their way to work or school.

Hiking and Camping: Raincoats can be used to keep outdoor enthusiasts dry during camping trips, hikes, or other outdoor adventures.

Sports: Raincoats are used by athletes to keep them dry during outdoor sports such as golf, soccer, and running.

Agriculture: Farmers and agricultural workers often use raincoats to protect themselves from the rain while working in the fields.

Emergency preparedness: Raincoats are an important part of emergency preparedness kits, providing protection against the elements during natural disasters.

Everyday use: Raincoats can be worn on a daily basis, especially during rainy seasons, to protect against sudden showers.

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