Soft Shell Jackets Supplier

Soft Shell Jackets Supplier

Soft shell jackets are a type of outdoor clothing that is designed for warmth, comfort, and protection against the elements. They are made from a soft and flexible material that allows for freedom of movement and breathability, while also providing a barrier against wind and light rain. Soft shell jackets are often worn for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and camping, and they are also popular for everyday use as a casual jacket.

Softshell (or soft shell) jackets are the perfect bridge between a heavy waterproof jacket and a lightweight fleece jacket, offering maximum comfort and significant protection from the elements. They fit more easily into a rucksack than a coat, making them ideal for hiking and everyday wear. 3S has a wide range of wholesale softshell jackets, available in many different designs and colours. Offering both women's and men's jackets, there is one to suit you. Some of our most popular jacket features include adjustable hoods, convertible collars and asymmetric zips. As well as offering a great choice of colours and designs, 3S's softshell jackets are also available in a range of sizes, with a selection of sizes 6XL. 

If you are looking for a lightweight jacket with wind and water resistance, we have the solution for you. The blended fabrics used to make our softshell jackets offer excellent breathability and protection from inclement weather. Worried about the security of your phone on long journeys? Look for one of our jackets with a hidden media pocket. If you plan to wear your jacket at night, choose a softshell jacket with reflective piping for better low-light visibility.

If your staff spend a lot of time outdoors, then the 3S Wholesale Softshell Jacket is an ideal choice for a stylish and practical uniform. Simply choose a colour that matches your brand logo to ensure your employees look great and can withstand the elements.

Advantages of soft shell jackets include:

Comfort: The soft, flexible material used in soft shell jackets allows for greater freedom of movement and comfort, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities.

Breathability: Soft shell jackets are designed to allow air to circulate and prevent overheating, which makes them more comfortable to wear in a range of temperatures.

Weather protection: Soft shell jackets provide protection against wind and light rain, making them a great choice for outdoor activities in variable weather conditions.

Durability: Soft shell jackets are made from rugged materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear, making them a long-lasting option for outdoor wear.

Versatility: Soft shell jackets can be worn in a range of activities, from hiking and camping to everyday use, making them a versatile option for outdoor enthusiasts and casual wear.

Soft Shell Jackets Supplier

Applications of soft shell jackets include:

Outdoor activities: Soft shell jackets are commonly used for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, climbing, and skiing, as they provide warmth, protection against wind and light rain, and allow for freedom of movement.

Casual wear: Soft shell jackets are also popular for everyday use as a casual jacket, providing a comfortable, stylish option for outdoor or urban settings.

Workwear: Soft shell jackets are often used in occupational settings where workers need protection against the elements, such as construction, transportation, and agriculture.

Sports: Soft shell jackets are used in various sports, including running, cycling, and team sports, as they provide warmth, breathability, and protection against the wind.

Military and law enforcement: Soft shell jackets are sometimes used by military and law enforcement personnel, as they offer a lightweight and durable option for protection against the elements.

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