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Are you tired of endlessly searching for reliable OEM apparel? 3S Textile & Apparel can provide you a one-stop solution! Our cutting and sewing expertise ensures that your apparel products are made to exact specifications and with attention to detail. From pattern making to shipping, we take care of every step of the production process.

Benefit from our years of experience and commitment to quality, as well as customizable design options and strict quality control measures. Choose 3S Textile & Apparel for your apparel production and experience the difference in quality and price.


OEM Apparel Processes

OEM Apparel Processes 3S Textile & Apparel offers OEM apparel manufacturing, meaning you can request any type of customization, be it a design, a style, a different color or a custom size. We manufacture exclusive apparel products according to your wishes. For our production system, we use a very efficient production system. This is the complete process of our cut and sew production.


Step 1 Patternmaking and grading

You can provide us with your technical package or samples (if any) or we can also help you design your desired garment product. After providing the required product specifications, our team will make a sample.

Step 2 Sampling

Once our team has designed a pattern or digital blueprint, we create the first product sample at the customer's discretion. The samples are made in the same way as the entire manufacturing process.

Step 3 Cutting

Once the client approves, we begin the manufacturing process by first cutting the supplied fabric in bulk using manual and automatic cutting machines. Our specialized workers handle the entire cutting process with great care.

Step 4 Heat Sublimation Printing

We perform on-demand heat sublimation printing on fabrics using state-of-the-art heat sublimation machines. Heat sublimation or fabric treatment is done only when requested by the customer. The customer supplied design or print is then neatly sublimated onto the fabric.

Step 5 Embroidery

We are able to provide any design or type of customized embroidery. In addition, we offer all types of custom embroidery facilities for different garment types. This process also includes our automated custom embroidery machines.

Step 6 Screen Printing

Different apparel products such as T-shirts or hoodies require screen printing. Therefore, we also offer on-demand screen printing facility if required by the customer. The screen printing process is also done using automated printing machines.

Step 7 Sewing

After all the customization process, custom printing or embroidery is completed. Then it is time for the fabric sewing process. In this process, selected quality fabrics are carefully sewn by our experienced workers.

Step 8 Packing and Shipping

Once the cut and sewn clothing products are ready to be shipped, they are ready to be shipped. At 3S Textile & Apparel, we handle all the processes of cutting and sewing, from pattern design to the creation of the final product and its shipping.

Why Choose 3S Textile & Apparel

We only provide you with 100% quality clothes!

The number one thing that makes us one of the best OEM Apparel Manufacturer is our commitment to providing 100% quality assurance on all our apparel products.

You are working with an industry leader

We have years of experience working as an OEM with many well-known brands. With this knowledge, we can also help you stand out in the fashion world.

No more worrying about huge quantities

As one of the leading OEM apparel manufacturers, we always strive to make things easier for small businesses, and we offer low minimum order quantities, so you don't have to buy large orders, just the low quantities you need.

Everything in one place

It's safe to say that we're a one-stop solution for OEM apparel; our cutting and sewing company provides every service from design to packaging and shipping. Remember, we can make any design in any size and color.

Customize your apparel the way you want it

There is no limit to the customization of your apparel products. We can only create designs for your customized clothing. We have hundreds of customization options such as custom colors, sizes and style options.