SKI Wear Manufacturer

SKI Wear Manufacturer

A ski jacket is a must for every enthusiast who's going for the thrill of a lifetime! Of course, choosing your snowboard jacket is one of the most crucial decisions you will make before you decide to hit the mountain. Of course, choosing your ski jacket is one of the most crucial decisions to make before you decide to hit the mountain. These jackets come in different qualities such as waterproof, insulated and fluffy jackets! Therefore, there is no need to worry about being in danger anymore. So, no more worrying about getting hurt, wet and dirty when you get glory on your snowboard! Ski jackets are very useful, have built-in technology and are the perfect utility thanks to those deep, storable pockets for everything. Removable and interchangeable hoods with thick collars protect your body from the cold. And don't forget, they help improve your performance when skiing and sliding! These super cool and warm snowboarding jackets are available in an incredible variety of colors! So go ahead and choose colors, designs and styles that suit your fashion sense and blend with your personality. Choose a jacket that meets your technical requirements and fits your personal style. Remember to always be fashionable and on trend!" .

3S is a China-based manufacturer of skis and ski jackets. With the popularity of skiing around the world, the demand for ski clothing is on the rise. With this in mind, we are increasing our production of ski and snowboard jackets. The fabrics used to produce ski jackets are windproof nylon and ripstop fabric. Together they form a thick protective layer that keeps skiers warm and comfortable even when it snows and rains.

SKI Wear Manufacturer

Custom Ski Jackets

Our ski jacket library caters to a variety of body types, preferences and styles. In the ski jacket section, we have chosen to focus on split ski jackets. A split ski jacket means wearing a jacket and pants. This option is often more convenient than a jumpsuit because the wearer can easily remove either piece of clothing.

With this, there are a few things to keep in mind. The jacket should be loose enough to allow for freedom of movement. The same applies to the sleeves; they should be long and loose enough to cover the entire arm and allow the wearer to move freely during skiing. The job of ski pants is to make sure no snow gets in.

You can choose any ski jacket from our selection and then customize it to your liking. The most important part is choosing the model. Once that is done, you can add or remove any design elements to make the garment perfect. You can also take inspiration from our selection of jackets and design your own style with our help. Don't hesitate to reach out. One of our professionals will help you find the right fit.

Wholesale Skiwear

Our job is to make sure you end up ordering the product you love. Our factory in China has all the equipment needed to produce high quality ski jackets. Ski jackets tend to be very expensive in the B2C market, so we trust your customers to make sure they make the right investment.

The materials used to produce ski jackets are very durable and strong. Skiing is an intense sport that requires a lot of movement. No one is immune to falling to the ground and spending time in the snow, especially beginners. We use polyester to ensure that the jacket serves its owner and does not need to be replaced for a long time. Our jackets are also waterproof and windproof, making the skiing experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you're not sure how the jacket will look or feel, don't worry. You can talk to a representative who will walk you through the manufacturing process and provide guidance. You can let us take over production or get deeply involved in the process and choose every element of the jacket.

For more information about ski jackets.

Ski jackets are available in two forms: split ski jackets and jumpers.

1- The split ski jacket is convenient, but the choice of pants must be of a high-waisted type, preferably with a belt and a soft waistband.

The top must be loose, to choose the waist, and to have a belt, to prevent snow from the waist into the ski jacket after sliding down.

Arms should not be too taut after the arms are straightened up, and the sleeves are longer and better because the upper arms are in full motion during the skiing process, especially for beginners.

2 - jumpsuit structure is simple, comfortable to wear, snowproof effect is better than the split ski jacket, but it is more trouble to wear.

According to the author's experience, it is more convenient to wear a one-piece suit than a split ski jacket.

The top of the ski suit is usually a large zipper, and can be easily operated with gloves on.

It is best to have a few convenient zipper pockets in the front. So that you can store some common skiing tools. Because you often need to use your hands to hold the ski poles, so the size of the ski gloves should be large and the gloves should belong to the wrist.

The elastic seal covers the cuff, thus effectively preventing contact with snow.

Ski cap is best to choose the sleeve type, it only reveals the front half of the face, can prevent the cold wind on the face of the injury, especially important for women.

In short, a comfortable, beautiful ski wear, with your floating and free gliding posture, will give you a good enjoyment.

How to order from a skiwear manufacturer?

1.Determine the style

Many people always like to put the style of the clothes in the first place in the process of customizing ski wear. It is true that fashionable ski wear is good to wear, but skiing is, after all, hard to show when skiing without considering other factors.

For example, if the jacket is too tight, it will affect the sliding action, and it will be hard to stand up once you fall down.

In the process of labeling, the pursuit of style must pay attention to the other attributes of the clothing, otherwise the body will suffer a certain degree of injury, and the importance of the ski wear will be lost.

In this process, the user and the manufacturer also need to coordinate several times, or to adjust the version of the ski wear, or according to the user's needs, the designer draws the ski wear style and patterned.

2、The choice of ski fabric

Many ski wear sold on the market have taken into account the factors of wind resistance and wear resistance. The ski wear OEM/OEM process also needs to be considered. Ski fabrics must be made of wear-resistant materials.

Many novices avoid falling when skiing, so the choice of abrasion-resistant material can prevent wear and tear on the ski wear. After all, ski wear is not cheap, and it is not appropriate to keep replacing it for a long time.

3.Confirm the order

If the style and ski fabric and accessories have been determined, then the order can be confirmed and we will sign a contract with you to determine the quality and grams inside of the product style, fabric, accessories and down filling used by Mladen.

Specific matters are subject to the contract.

4. We need to confirm pre-production samples with our customers before production. Our bulk products will be produced according to this sample.

5. Start production according to the order.

We start the order according to the contract and our responsibility is to provide the agreed quantity of ski jackets to the customer within the contracted time.

If a ski wear manufacturer can be found that offers quality products, the user can establish a long-term relationship with the manufacturer. After a good cooperation, the communication will be smooth again.

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