5 textiles trends for spring/summer 2020 (1)

Jan. 29, 2019

The following trends will describe in detail what designers and product managers are looking for in order to develop their upcoming collections.


The underlying theme of this trend is how we can take basics and remaster them. We need to inject a strong sense of creativity combined with taking existing intelligent fabrics to a new level but in a less obvious way. This is subtle evolution of how we can engage the textile with the consumer on a performance level, combined with an intentionally optical approach. The appeal of this trend crosses boundaries, perfect for active living brands through to high performance sports brands. The duality that garments and accessories can bring in consumers getting more for their money appeals.

Reversibility is a key direction alongside duality, in offering pieces that fit perfectly for sports as they do for active living or travel. Today's consumer is educated as to what performance features are available and they want them in their wardrobe for all activities, from work, leisure, travel to high impact sports. Surface aspects in a physically or visually stimulating aspects push through in offering a new level of diversity for sports and outdoor apparel. From cool touch base layers to a high level of anti-odor performance, these key performance factors are taken to a new level through  the addition of print applications and textile construction. Base layers nourish and stimulate the body, through micro textile textures, subtly body mapped into key areas, in addition delivering anatomical support.

A sense of freedom features, the appearance is about breaking the rules, but deep down it is quietly embracing a solid multi functionality for the consumer in getting more from their kit. Street sports will push this trend with technical base layers also incorporating it into a more vibrant offering. Color is important in this sector, pull the energizing tones to compliment the performance values. This direction is multi-facetted, with cross over technology and functionality with the practical applications of this trend endless.

5 textiles trends for spring/summer 2020 (1)


· Aramid fibers for high tenacity and anti-rip - leading to longevity of the final products

· Micro encapsulated yarns and finishes - wellbeing continues strongly look to energizing or mastering micro encapsulated performance

· Water repellant yarns and finishes

· Cotton

· Cotton-touch synthetics

· Lyocell

· Merino wool in multi blends with cellulosics and synthetics

· Thermal regulating yarns and finishes

· Hydrophobic finishes for surf and beach

· Moisture management

· Quick dry

· Natural touch synthetics

· Cooling technologies

· UV protection - yarns finishes and textile construction

· Spandex/elastane - for comfort fit through to core stability

· High gloss membrane technology enhances prints and intense color tones

· Windproof and waterproof membranes that are visually stimulating

· Colored coatings

· Metalloplastic and luminous embroidery thread

· Sharp colored PU tapes

· Optically intriguing trims and transfers

· Printed zipper tapes


· Watermark yarn relief - a watery surface effect

· Floating surface effects through contrasting colored yarns

· Multi colored abstract prints

· Pique and honeycomb structures

· High compression knits for shaping - specifically for the yoga leggings market

· Matte touch spacer fabrics

· Rounded 3 layer fabrics for a cocooning and sensual touch

· Variable modulus compression fabrics for anatomical protection

· Power mesh in new structures printed on top for added detail

· Optically looking 3D textured jacquards with a soft hand and high compression

· Reversible fabrics - double knits solid one side and printed the other offer the consumer added versatility

· Micro fleece - super soft yet high performance

· DWR micro fleece

· Regular blistered surface effects or regular puckered construction for 3D relief

· Visually exciting surface knits exposing contrasting colors on stretching

· Brushed twill for a fuzzy finish

· Raised nep surfaces for a sensual touch

· Double sided bonded fabrics - smooth shell/textured - add membrane technology and take traditional second layer fabrics to a higher level

· Melange and space dyed knits

· Raised jacquards and pique on the technical side of the fabric worn next to the skin for a massaging effect

· Decorative striped single jersey using contrasting yarn or knit technique for detail

· Embossed surfaces for a floating appeal

· Calendared surfaces for a vague effect

· Cross dyed knits for textural detail

· Embossed trims with raised relief

· Molded plastic trims

· Pitted surfaces for added tactility

· Crips wovens in compact structures given an exhilarating finish through prints and membrane technology - bi stretch crucial for comfort and performance


· Running

· Gym and cardio workout wear

· Active Living - next generation athleisure

· Street sports

· Travel

· Surfing & Beachwear

· Skateboarding and free running