• Lady's Bonded Polar Fleece Jacket

Lady's Bonded Polar Fleece Jacket

Style No.: 1.4.6

Product Details

Particularly soft and warm

Extra warm when the weather is especially cold. Fleece has many of the qualities of wool, but weighs only a fraction of the lightest wool fabrics. Used in some high-performance outdoor garments, microfleece is a lightweight, warm and soft hydrophobic fabric that retains less than 1% of its weight in moisture to maintain much of its insulating power, even when wet. Machine washable and quick drying, it is a good alternative to wool, especially for those with allergies or sensitivities. Includes hook and loop name tape kit.


Zipper through collar

Zippered front placket

Elastic cuffs

Soft, warm shagreen fabric

Hand-warming pockets

100% polyester shaker fleece

Full-zip front

Zippered neckline

Assorted colors

Bonded polar fleece, 400gsm
Shell: mirco fleece 100% polyester
Back: Plush 100% polyester
Color: rose
Size: S-XXL